A research recently published by Boston Consulting Group reveals that – in 10 years – new electrified cars will constitute 51% of the global market, so surpassing the number of vehicles with endothermic motors.
The study, entitled “Who Will Drive Electric Cars to the Tipping Point?”, shows that in 2030 the sales of pure electric cars will constitute 18% of the total on a world scale.
Shifting to other electrified segments, the market of hybrid rechargeable will account for 6%, standard hybrid for 7% and light hybrid for 20%. These shares, together with pure electric one, make up the optimistic 51% datum.
In this scenario, the diesel share will have decreased by 4% and petrol cars will constitute 44% of the market.
If we focus the magnifying lens on the European market, the study highlights a more incisive boom of pure electric cars: in 2030 there will be a bigger incidence, with 25% of sales, whereas diesel and petrol will drop by 35-55%.
The authors of the research are Xavier Mosquet, Aakash Arora, Alex Xie and Matt Renner.