Thursday, November 30, 2023

Market trends


GM will equip motors without rare earths

General Motors has recently announced the establishment of the partnership with Niron Magnetics, a United States company headquartered in Minneapolis that develops permanent-magnet motors with...


British researchers develop a super-light electric motor 3D-printed

The researchers of the University of Sheffield, in collaboration with a team of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have developed the prototype of a new lighter and more efficient electric motor printed in 3D, using...




With the objective of enhancing power density, innovative axial flux electric motors are now available with the help of Additive Manufacturing

Addtoshape is ready to support and collaborate with electric motor designers to create today...

Addtoshape designs and manufactures, through additive manufacturing, innovative electrical components in pure copper for high performance electric power units. Maximum freedom of expression Complex geometries, otherwise not achievable with traditional, round or flat copper wire, are...

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