The report “The e-mobility seen by professionals” was drawn up after a research in collaboration with Audi, on the base on an interview with an audience of 2450 professionals about their business travel habits and how they perceive electric mobility. In the opinion of the interviewed professionals, the car of the future is battery-powered and will allow improving the home-office displacement (56%) and e-cars “would provide real consumption/cost advantages, to the extent that 48% are willing to buy one. A choice certainly made not superficially if we think that one third (30%) of interviewees state they travel from 5 to 15 km a day to go to work and that in one case out of two (48%) the chosen vehicle is precisely four-wheeled.
Therefore, how do tomorrow’s workers imagine mobility? For professionals, a vast majority of them self-employed workers (52%), the e-mobility horizon is getting closer, even if gradually: over 53% estimate that it will take 15 to 20 years to have at least half of the circulating cars rechargeable.