In the collective imagination, it is associated with futuristic unreal movies. It seems instead that the electric motorbike is not so distant thanks to Horizon Aeronautics that will release an electric hybrid eVTOL hoverbike with an innovative system of variable-pitch hemispherical rotor.
The Hoverbike by Horizon, with a design studied to grant significant efficiency rises, features the look of a jet ski and it is powered by a compact hybrid-electric system.
The technological collaboration was signed with the innovative Blainjett Aviation start-up, which works at the aerodynamic propulsion. The developed solution is called Dynamic Variable Pitch (DVP), patented technology of the hemispherical rotors that allows generating higher speeds with smaller sizes.
What is the gap that makes the difference? To generate the forward thrust, instead of adjusting the angle of attack of a helicopter or of an eVTOL rotor, the DVP adjusts the pitch of rotor blades on half of rotors’ arc.
Concerning its overall dimensions, the aircraft will weigh about 380 kg and the sizes will be 2.70 metres per 1.20 metres, able to host from one to three passengers on board.