University constantly operates in the research and development of an electric future. A scenario that frames also Turin Polytechnics, which has recently presented the CARS-HEV infrastructure for the experimentation of conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles implemented by CARS Inter-department Centre and co-funded by Piedmont Region through European Funds. Everything was presented during an event organized by the Polytechnics in collaboration with FPI Fondazione Piemonte Innova, Mesap, Pole of Mechatronic Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing Systems and AVL Italy.
During the meeting, they described the activity of the Center for Automotive Research and Sustainable Mobility CARS and of the innovative test chamber Hybrid/Electric powertrain and Vehicle Test Facility and they presented as best practices the collaborations with JRC-Joint Research Center, with Stellantis and with AVL.
The infrastructure allows carrying out the test cycles demanded by international regulations, in addition to non-standard drive cycles, like those acquired by the experimentation on the road to validate control strategies of the energy management system, measuring consumptions, efficiency and emissions.
Professor Matteo Sonza Reorda, Vice-Rector of Research for Polytechnics, stated: «Turin Polytechnic, with this new forefront structure has succeeded in orienting the available resources at best, seizing the opportunities offered by INFRA-P announcement by Piedmont Region to support the implementation of new open-access research infrastructures, through which boosting territory’s socio-economic development according to a cooperation between public and private»