Sima, the Italian company of environmental medicine, has expressed its opinion on the occasion of the last Electric Boat Show. “The reconversion of the over 570,000 leisure boats, 50% of which are under 10 metres, today present in Italy, would contribute in the attainment of 40% of Net Zero targets by 2030, as provided for by EU, and in the decrease of impacts not only of navigation, but also of storage services and the restoration of marine ecosystems in port areas “.
Hence the reflection that the electric boating is an important boost for industry to upgrade the whole naval technology, to frame it in a vision of circular economy with innovative eco-composite materials.
The use of electric boats allows the zeroing of the release of the typical noxious substances of traditional boats, in both water and in atmosphere, such as aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, particulate, fine and ultra-fine particulates, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, mineral oils. Moreover, Sima has underlined how the shift to electric motors drastically decreases the acoustic pollution in the sea, with benefits for the whole marine ecosystem, also implying a notable upsurge in boats’ energy efficiency, increasing it from an average 8% of a means with an endothermic motor to 50% of an electric vehicle.