Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A new electric car from Usa: INDI One

Electric vehicles of the future must provide passengers with more opportunities than ever before; whether it be entertainment, creativity, options to work on the go, or integrations with Web3.0 and blockchain technologies.
This core concept led the start-up Indiev, founded in Los Angeles in 2017, to the development of the INDI One. Its name stands for Independent, underlining the distance of this new brand from historical brands of American automotive.
The first can be already booked now in the United States, but the production should start at half 2023. The versions proposed are two: the standard one with rear-wheel drive and a single 205 kW motor, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in slightly less than 7 seconds. 75 kWh battery and 370 km autonomy according to EPA American standard, more restrictive than WLTP.
Whereas the Premium version has 95 kWh battery and 480 km of autonomy, four-wheel drive and a second motor on the front axle, 349 kW power, with 730 Nm of torque, for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km in about 4.3 seconds.

Electric releases: Fiat 500 “La Prima by Bocelli”

After the great success of the New 500 “La Prima Launch Edition”, New 500 “La Prima by Bocelli” is at its debut. The new version, first city-car with level-2 assisted drive, has an autonomy of 320 km, certified by the WLTP homologation cycle, which rises up to 460 km if used in the city traffic. The electric motor is the most powerful in the entire range, able to unleash 117 HP and 220 Nm of torque.
The great clamour is due to the fact it is the first city car in the world equipped with “Virtual Venues” technology by JBL for excellent-level audio experience. The new high-end version of the Fiat icon offers the JBL Premium Audio mastered by Andrea Bocelli as standard, an audio premium plant featuring 320 W of total power, highly refined in architecture and performances. To make the JBL audio system tailor-made for the vehicle, FIAT has availed itself of the experience of the most popular living tenor in the world, Maestro Andrea Bocelli.
“The amazing success of New 500 La Prima, the high-end model of our electric icon, has made us understand that our customers want a premium product, which is very Italian and very iconic: in other words, they pursue and they want the best of the Made in Italy – he states -. Precisely in Italy, we can find the utmost expression of art, of beauty and of music. For this reason,
Olivier Francois, CEO FIAT and Global CMO of Stellantis declared: «Together with maestro Andrea Bocelli, we have created the perfect listening experience to enhance the silence of a car. Besides, due to JBL technology, enriched by the excellent Virtual Venues system, we assure an immersive perfectly tailored listening experience».

Electric sailing in Portofino

In the boating world, two excellences have shaken their hands to bring the “electric Corvette” to the seas. It is the historical shipyard Giorgio Mussini and E4Boat, which has supplied the electric motors to make the iconic boat of Portofino, the Corvette, in the zero-emission version. E4Boat is a business network consisting of innovative companies, such as Terzago Robotics Srl, which shines in the advanced robotics sector, 4E Consulting Srl that operates in the field of electrified and hybrid propulsion and Selene Shipyards Srl that stands out in shipbuilding.
The idea of the electric Corvette was born two years ago by Mussini’s. Emanuela Bertullo, marketing manager, has explained us: «We had conceived the idea long time ago, but we needed a partner for the electric motor and it was not easy to find the right solution. The matter of the motor, for a boat like the ones we produce, is fundamental because performances are important and the shift from an endothermic to an electric motor is not trivial».
Protagonist of the operation is Corvette 24: elegant and refined, it is an 8-metre luxury day cruiser that combines comfort with speed, manoeuvrability with seakeeping. The electric permanent-magnet motor features 30 kW minimum power, with static power converter and battery modules for overall 65 kWh (autonomy of 4h with 16 kW of absorption). The overall weight is 550 kg and will be housed in the existing compartments of Corvette 24, one for each side of the hull and one in the housing of the current endothermic motor.

The electric car of 2022-year? The new Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Top Gear Electric Awards celebrate the electrification importance in the automotive sector. Recently, on such occasion, the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz has been crowned electric car of the year, especially for the spacious interiors and the practical drive, praising it also for its iconic style, inspired by the original design of Volkswagen T1.
ID. Buzz is the first fully electric vehicle by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles implemented on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform. Cian O’Brien, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, affirmed: «As brand, we are living an important electrification travel, and the so longed-for ID. Buzz marks the beginning of this exciting experience. Being able to launch a car that is cool in design, with sustainability at the core of its creation, is an excellent way to show our customers it is still possible to do all things we like and travel wherever we want, even having a positive impact on the environment».
Moreover, here are the words by Ollie Marriage, Manager of Top Gear car tests: «People who pretend having an active lifestyle drive a SUV, those who actually do it drive a Volkswagen van. All those we have met have liked the brand’s rediscovery of its icon and have found ID. Buzz airy, fresh and energetic. Is it not phantastic that Volkswagen has finally had the courage of reinventing the original? It is charmingly simple and yet utterly uplifting. And, for this reason, it is our electric car of the year».

The new electric Suv Lotus is Eletre

It is brand-new the presentation of Eletre, the new SUV by Lotus, which should be available for the first European customers in 2023. It is a real epochal shift for the renowned brand of sports cars, but not of the first electrified model, role played by the hypercar Evija.
Concerning the technical specifications, Lotus declared that the car can boast over 600 HP of power granted by two electric motors, one in the front and one in the rear. Everything is powered by a battery exceeding 100 kWh, which ensures an autonomy of 600 km in the WLTP cycle.
The electric hyper-SUV performances are declared as 260 km/h of maximum speed and zero-one hundred hourly in less than 3 seconds.
Moreover, Eletre is equipped with various Lidar sensors that are exploited by the vehicle for its sophisticated drive assistance system, expected to be ready for the level 4 of autonomous guide.

Zero-emission yacht

ZEN Yachts (acronym of Zero Emission Nautic), the new-born Malta manufacturer of electric boats, has recently announced to have received the first order of the electric ZEN50 catamaran, now under construction in Europe, in Barcelona.
Actually, the electric 12-passenger catamaran, over 15-metre long, joins sailing with the electric propulsion and is recharged by solar energy: it has a roof fully covered by solar panels, with 16 kW power peak. The yacht is equipped with two DC 40 kW motors powered by a 160-kWh lithium battery pack.
The electric motor-sail combination can drive ZEN50, which is totally self-sufficient from the energy point of view, to the maximum speed of 14 knots (26 km/h) and to a cruise speed of 6-10 knots (11-18.5 km/h).
ZEN50 can also be equipped with other zero-emission technologies such as a diving compressor, e-foil, electric jet boards and current water maker.

The electric snowmobile that becomes a quod

It comes from Canada and it is a snowmobile but, if necessary, by mounting 4 wheels it can become a quad. It is called Taiga Atlas and its propulsor is a 120-horsepower electric permanent magnet motor. Its snowmobile frame with a sturdy front suspension and a rear tread system can together manage the acceleration from zero to 60 hourly miles in 2.9 seconds.
Protagonist of this latter frontier of snow vehicles is the motor known as “perma-mag“: light, powerful and with an estimated autonomy of around 100 kilometres.
Another great highlight? Obviously, silence: the rustle on the snow is not “polluted” by the motor’s noise and the mountains’ clean ait is not contaminated by emissions.

Electric boat start-up Arc is ready for customer deliveries

After testing its prototype, Electric boat start-up Arc are now pre-producing last version of the Arc One, a 24-foot-long vessel with a massive battery pack and an elegant design. There are also VIPs among lenders’ names: the company has raised 30 million dollars coming from Will Smith and Kevin Durant, too.
For starters, the total battery capacity will be 10% larger than previously disclosed: now 220 kWh, or three times the capacity of a Tesla Model Y.
A new, more powerful motor will also be capable of putting out over 500 HP of power. And finally, the hull shape itself is evolving to unlock greater efficiency and more sporty handling.
The boat will still have a top speed of around 40 miles per hour and can last about four hours under power before needing to be recharged — which the start-up claims is plenty for a day out on the water.

Harley Davidson: will LiveWire take off indeed?

It has been widely debated and it is a very controversial issue, which many Harley Davidson addicted do not like a lot. And if its first electric bike has not aroused a lively success in sales, it seems that the future holds another destiny. LiveWire, the electric “phalanx” of the famous American brand has in fact ambitious plans and states they are going to sell 100,000 units by 2026, which will become 190,000 by 2030.
Recently, HD has presented investors the financial prospect that reports how the market of electric bikes is in its early development phases but the forecasts of the global penetration of electric vehicles will expand from 6% of units in 2021 to 25% within 2030.
It would be a growth of the electric bike market worth $ 2.5 billion sales from about $ 20 billions to $ 28 billions in the same period”.
However, of what motor are we talking about? LiveWire is equipped with H-D Revelation, 105 HP (78 kW) electric permanent magnet motor, water cooled and featuring 116 Nm of instantaneous torque. Performances are equal to 0-100 in 3 seconds, resumption from 100 to 130 in 1.9 seconds and maximum speed of 177 km/h. It is powered by a 15.5 kWh lithium-ion battery encapsulated in a finned aluminium alloy casing to act also as heat dissipator and battery flanked by 12V for starting and remote control.

Magnetic reluctance motors for more efficient HVAC systems

The Smart Motor System developed by the Californian Turntide Technologies lands in Italy, with the target of revolutionizing air treatment systems in buildings. Developed by the Californian company Turntide Technologies, it is a switched magnetic reluctance electric motor that allows large buildings to manage the air treatment with notable energy saving. This technology now lands also in Italy thanks to Future Motors, company specialized in green technologies for energy efficiency.
Commercial and industrial buildings account for 40% of electricity consumed globally and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
HVAC energy consumption accounts for more than 40% of a commercial building’s total energy use. Turntide for Strategic Machines can reduce HVAC energy use on average by 64 percent and smooth a path to more sustainable operations.

More efficient HVAC systems

Let us go into detail. At the center of Turntide for Strategic Machines is the new TX motor. This intelligent motor features a unique pancake design that is very light and is ideal for use in equipment with limited space and/or high torque requirements, such as axial fans in data centers. Its IoT capabilities enable automated commissioning, remote monitoring, and fault detection. Real-time data streams from the connected motor offer insights into equipment performance and present opportunities for new aftermarket recurring revenue streams, such as equipment-as-a-service subscriptions and condition-based service contracts.
OEMs can also use the data insights to accelerate product improvement timelines and bring more innovative products to market with a lower total cost of ownership and improved reliability.
Turntide motors are free from the rare earth minerals that most high-efficiency permanent magnet motors require. Avoiding rare earths both reduces the environmental impact of the motors, as well as geopolitical supply chain risks.