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MECSPE: energy transition and mobility of the future


MECSPE is back to BolognaFiere from 29th to 31st March 2023, with several novelties and an exhibition core entitled “Energy transition and mobility of the future”.

An intense year has recently ended for the manufacturing industry, driving sector of the economy of the Country that faces 2023 with more confidence [1] and with a rising turnover (+1.9%)[2] and new important targets to be reached.

Among them, enterprises will certainly have to process new solutions constantly in the name of environmental sustainability, process innovation and competence development.

To succeed in it, they will have the possibility of relying, also in 2023, on MECSPE, the main Italian trade fair dedicated to the manufacturing industry organized by Senaf that will be held from 29th to 31st March 2023 at BolognaFiere, through a programme studded with special initiatives, conventions and institutional speeches on the three big exhibition pillars: training, innovation and sustainability.

Sustainability is the protagonist

The latter is the protagonist of MECSPE trade fair core, and exhibition area taking up 2,000 sq.m. entitled Energy transition and mobility of the future, where experts, professionals, entrepreneurs and institutional personalities will have the opportunity of discussing about the innovations in the field of the energy transition and of mobility, from electric vehicles to hydrogen ones, up to biofuels, and visitors will be allowed visiting demo units in operation, which will show technologies and machining intended for the sector of the sustainable mobility, from design to manufacturing, everything according to a logic of circularity and of optimization of the energy efficiency.

The debate will concern the whole supply chain that looks at new more sustainable processes, being extended also to topical issues in the manufacturing sector ambit such as the reshoring, the remanufacturing and the metal replacement, with a focus on new materials.

To enhance the good practices of those who are already committed in the environmental sustainability field, MECSPE confirms also in 2023 Ecofriendly – I do more, a real virtual path among the exhibitors that stand out with new solutions that are source of inspiration for visitors.


Moreover, a novelty of this edition will be Green Plastix Arena, an area where the companies in the rubber-plastic sector will present their innovations based on the concept of circular economy, where digitalization represents a key factor for the efficiency of the resource management.

Orientation, training and recruiting

Broad room also for training and recruiting, with the return of Mecspe Young & Career, a place of meeting between the job demand and supply in the manufacturing industry, for highly specialized figures.

Furthermore, to facilitate the talent search in precision engineering, novelty of 2023 is the Mould and die Training Square, which will connect young future professionals and companies to create new synergies, due to the numerous professional opportunities in the tool sector.

The venue of fundamental times of orientation and training in industry 4.0 ambit will be the Competence Center Area, inside of which new concrete projects will be presented, implemented in collaboration with the manufacturing industry, to meet the requisites of innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Part of the area will be also the Digital Innovation Hubs, incubators of ideas able to speed up enterprises’ manufacturing processes and at disposal to offer visitors all useful information for the digital transformation of business processes and the support to companies in the processing of projects 4.0.

Conventions, conferences and awards

For over twenty years, MECSPE has been the Italian pole for the technological innovation in industrial field, element on which the exhibition is based, which every year proposes solutions for industry 4.0, and also in this edition times of meeting and discussion dedicated to companies’ innovation and digitalization will not miss.

Starting from the Additive Manufacturing Arena, the space hosting conventions about new additive technologies, enlivened by speeches about real projects, technical presentations, case histories of excellence and institutional speeches.

For all the players involved in research and development processes the Simulation Summit is instead back, the first Italian independent conference on CAE Simulation in industrial ambit, conceived with the aim of promoting the engineering Simulation.


With a view to encouraging innovation in development processes and acknowledging the commitment of those driving the change in industry, on March 30th the prizegiving of the Solution Award will be held, the Robotic Innovation award, which will be given to enterprises standing out for the best industrial or service robotic application.

Focus on innovation also by the Startup Factory, which has reached its third edition, an area to favour the dialogue among start-ups and small, medium and big enterprises coming from the manufacturing industry.

The Engineering and Design Square is back, too, and with a focus on the theme of materials’ transparency, this time it is centred on the aesthetics and design of the items on show.

«At each edition MECSPE tries modulating programme and initiatives according to enterprises’ real requirements, with the goal of supporting them in the growth process, for which we believe it is fundamental to boost the comparison and the mutual exchange of business expertise and practices – affirms Maruska Sabato, Project Manager of MECSPEFor 21 editions, the manufacturing field has met at MECSPE precisely with this spirit, and the results achieved confirm how much is important, for the chain protagonists, to meet in a highly professional context, rich in contents that look at the sector future

Associations, the fair’s added value

MECSPE convention programme will be enriched by the attending associations during all three trade fair days, which bring added value to the event due to their precious contributions.

Among them, MESAP, the innovation cluster for the Smart Products and the Smart Manufacturing of Piedmont Region, AIFM –Italian Association of Metal Finishing, present with its A.I.F.M. Finish Area, and CNA Production, the CNA area that represents the biggest representation association distributed on the territory.

The Italian association of Plastic Material Technicians will take care of TMP Square, meeting point for the network, aimed at the exchange of know-how for plastic material technicians.

Large room also for Confartigianato, with Confartigianato Village, companies’ lively collective showroom that also on this occasion will be accompanied by a series of events.

Many associations will take part with dedicated collective areas to develop the entrepreneurial fabric’s excellence of the various districts.


Among them, in the ambit of the Mechanical Subcontracting Showroom, the Associations of Small and Medium Enterprises, API,will be present, from the districts of Brescia, Torino and Lecco, the Cluster of Metalworking in Friuli-Venezia Giulia COMET and the association of manufacturing enterprises CONFIMI Romagna.

In the showroom Machines & Tools will be instead hosted the ASCOMUT Village, which represents import and distribution enterprises and the branches of foreign companies in the sectors of machine tools and tools.

Moreover, an international collective organized by AFM Machine Tools Manufacturing Cluster, the Spanish Association of machine tool manufacturers, will be present.

The specialized areas inside the Automation and Robotics Showroom will include Aidam Village, the space reserved to member companies operating in the Automation and Mechatronics sectors, Assogalvanica, the Italian Association of Galvanic Industries and also CDO Networking Business Area, by Cdo Compagnia delle Opere.

The first time for Elettronica Italia

Moreover, starting from this year, Elettronica Italia event will be held simultaneously with MECSPE; it is fully dedicated to the electronics world and provides visitors with an outlook on the whole field and a focus dedicated to electronics at the service of the electric mobility and transport electrification.

Still simultaneously with MECSPE also METEF will take place, the international expo dedicated to the aluminium chain, a central branch for the industrial sustainable manufacturing.

“Focus Mediterraneo” in Bari

Finally, in 2023 MECSPE will double the meeting and will be held also in Bari from 23rd to 25th November with “Focus Mediterraneo” at Nuova Fiera del Levante, an edition dedicated to the development of technologies 4.0 and a proposal increasingly focused on sustainability and innovation of manufacturing processes.

[1] Istat source, companies’ confidence

[2] Istat source, industry’s turnover in August-October 2022 quarter 

Electric retrofit of light commercial vehicles

Stellantis and Qinomic have signed a partnership to develop a solution for the conversion of light commercial vehicles with internal combustion engines into electric propulsion vehicles.
Result of the collaboration between the Business Units of Circular Economy and Commercial Vehicles, the solution for the retrofit aims at extending vehicles’ life and use, granting sustainability and accessibility from the economic point of view.
The project is part of the global strategic Dare Forward 2030 plan that aims at speeding up the course towards the electrification and at strengthening Stellantis decarbonization strategy.
“I am pleased that Stellantis collaborates with Qinomic at the development of this retrofit technology. This innovation offers our professional customers the choice of transforming their vans into electric vehicles, extending their service life and complying with law requisites in the mobility issue” stated Alison Jones, Senior Vice President Stellantis of the Circular Economy Business Unit.
“The retrofit technology will allow Stellantis to strengthen its leadership ranking in the sector of the solutions for the zero-emission mobility for professional customers, joining our range of electric vans” affirmed Xavier Peugeot, Senior Vice President Stellantis, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit.
Eric Laforge, Vice President Stellantis, Enlarged Europe Light Commercial Vehicles has instead affirmed: “In a market driven by the last mile demand, soon the restrictions to the access to cities will compel those who have recently purchased a LCV to search for a solution to convert it into a zero-emission vehicle”.

Target 2035 at the heart of the 21st MECSPE


MECSPE, the leading trade fair dedicated to industry, returns to BolognaFiere from 29 to 31 March 2023 with a new exhibition centre, many conferences and initiatives dedicated to sustainability: from renewable energy to electric motors, all the solutions to help companies in their transition to sustainability

Energy price hikes and inflation are not affecting total industry sales, which, as noted by Istat, grew in September by +18.0 per cent on an annual basis. This is a positive figure that encourages companies to continue their growth path, but one that must deal with national and European sustainability goals.

Indeed, among the ambitious goals in support of the environment, is the one set by the European Union to eliminate, by 2035, all diesel and gasoline cars and replace them with zero-emission ones (e.g., electric or hydrogen), a truly green revolution for the automotive sector that implies major investments and innovations in the industrial field.

In November, car production increased by +14.7 per cent—although it does not stand comparison to 2019—and more and more automakers are trying to adopt new ways of making non-polluting cars. In Italy we are talking about 4.2 per cent of the total production, a figure still below the European average of 20.4 per cent [1].

Thus, there is still work to be done by 2035.

Technologies and solutions for the new mobility

Aiming to help companies in the supply chain find the right solutions to implement this renewal, MECSPE—Italy’s leading exhibition dedicated to the manufacturing industry organized by Senaf, scheduled for March 29-31, 2023, at BolognaFiere—dedicates the exhibition core of its 21st edition precisely to these issues, with a 2,000-square-metre area entitled Energy Transition and Mobility of the Future.

At the centre of this large exhibition area, experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, and institutional figures will have the opportunity to discuss the technologies and solutions for new mobility, from electric vehicles to hydrogen ones down to biofuels.

Visitors will be able to see working demo units, created by exhibitors at the event, which will showcase technologies and processes intended for the sustainable mobility sector from design to production, all in a logic of circularity and optimization of energy efficiency.


But there’s more. The debate on alternative energy sources will reach across the supply chain through new, more sustainable processes and will also be expanded to include current issues within the manufacturing sector such as reshoring, remanufacturing, and metal replacement, with a focus on new materials.

All these challenges are already of interest to businesses that are searching for innovative methods to help safeguard the environment: in fact, the latest MECSPE Observatory data on the second quarter of 2022 reveal that four out of ten entrepreneurs already consider their companies green and sustainable.

The main measures put in place are the use of energy-efficient devices (61 per cent), the purchase of efficient and next-generation machinery (51 per cent), and the installation of renewable energy production systems (42 per cent).

Sustainability, training and innovation

«Despite the efforts already undertaken by many companies, there are still quite a few entrepreneurs facing the energy transition today, at a particularly complex stage for the economy. We, therefore, decided to dedicate the heart of the MECSPE exhibition, which for years has been a reference hub for new technologies for our country’s industry, to these issues, with a rich program of meetings and initiatives on the subject – comments Maruska Sabato, MECSPE project manager –. Sustainability is an essential element for doing business, and it is encouraging to see how green awareness is spreading in the industry sector, also because innovation and sustainability cannot be separated if you want to achieve the ambitious international goals for the safeguard of the environment.»

Sustainability in the industry is one of the three main themes, along with education and innovation, on which the substantial program of events and initiatives of MECSPE 2023 unfolds.

In particular, there will also be no shortage in 2023 of Ecofriendly – I do more, a real and virtual journey among exhibitors who stand out in their business practices for paying special attention to the environment and providing visitors with new and inspiring solutions.

Also new to this edition will be the Green Plastix Arena, an area where companies will present their innovations based on the circular economy concept where digitisation is a key factor in resource management efficiency. Within the arena, several sectors will be involved: packaging, food, mobility and transportation, medical/health care, consumer goods, electrical and electronics.

Together with MECSPE, there will be METEF, the international expo dedicated to the aluminium supply chain, a core sector for sustainable industrial production.

MECSPE doubles up

Finally, in 2023 MECSPE will double its appointment and will also be held in Bari from 23 to 25 November, with “Focus Mediterraneo” at the Nuova Fiera del Levante, an edition dedicated to the development of 4.0 technologies and a proposal increasingly focused on sustainability and innovation of production processes.

[1] Data: Nomisma

Coiltech Deutschland grows and moves to Augsburg

Important novelties for Coiltech Deutschland, the international exhibition for machinery and materials for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and winding.
Anticipating what would happen in the next future, Coiltech has accelerated its move to a new location, Augsburg, larger and able to host the trade fair in more functional manner for visitors and exhibitors on 29th -30th March 2023.
The exhibition reality has notably grown and is further developing. It already planned the next steps to host the steeply rising demand in effective way, maintaining the high quality that has always characterized it and satisfied all participants. At present, in fact, the overall exhibition area of Ulm promised to be insufficient to be the venue of all companies that intend to exhibit at Coiltech Deutschland, with the halls rented for 2023 already sold out.
Therefore, this implied the need of moving to a larger exhibition centre by other fairgrounds in the South of Germany. The reasoned choice fell on Augsburg, an easily accessible location for the reference industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; well connected to the intercontinental airport of Munich and already a place of positive experiences of other international exhibitions.
Currently, contingent geopolitical events have given a decisive boost to the move. At present, the city of Ulm is using part of the halls of the fairgrounds to house Ukrainian people fleeing the war.
Therefore, in the event this state of emergency persists and there are some difficulties in the coming months in finding alternative spaces to host refugees, so serious difficulties as to prevent the use of halls for exhibition purposes starting from February, Coiltech has promptly prearranged an effective solution to guarantee the carrying out of the trade fair.
This is not the only important novelty of Coiltech 2023: the World Magnetic Conference (WMC), held in conjunction with the exhibition, is enriched by the speech by Prof. Achim Kampker (founder and professor of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components – PEM at RWTH) who becomes member of the Scientific Committee of the conference. Together with Prof. Marco Villani, who remains president of the World Magnetic Conference, it will be possible to implement a further consolidation in the German language area for this meeting acknowledged to be informed and to dialogue about last sector innovations. The conference is in fact an outstanding opportunity for the players to share research results and to discuss them in industrial and academic context.

In flight, emission-free

Using hydrogen as source to power fuel cells that produce energy for electric motors. This is the subject of a European development programme aimed at moving planes without producing emissions in flight. Behind there is Airbus company, which will start land-based trials of the fuel-cell electric motor by the half of this decade, on board of a test A380 MSN1 aircraft, which is already undergoing the modifications to host liquid hydrogen tanks and relative distribution systems. The project provides for using hydrogen coming from renewable sources. Glenn Llewellyn, VP Zero-Emission Aircraft, Airbus declared: “Fuel cells are a potential solution to help us in reaching our zero-emission ambition and we are focused on the development and the experimentation of this technology to understand whether it is feasible and practicable for the entry into service of a zero-emission aircraft in 2035. Going on investing in this technology, we are providing us with further options that will inform our decisions about the architecture of our future ZEROe aircraft, for which we expect to launch the development in 2027-2028 period”.

In electric … also in the office

Currently, the applications of electric motors can embrace a broad range of possibilities, even beyond our imagination. Those who appreciated the provocation of Disney Wall-E masterpiece will find many similarities with the latest idea by Volkswagen ID, precisely by its Norwegian branch. What is at stake? After its new ID.BUZZ electric vehicle, the new electric creature is an office chair.
The armchair has been implemented with various components installed on board of Volkswagen commercial vehicles, and it integrates various technologies that equip German brand’s electric vehicles.
The chair is actually an electric mini-vehicle with autonomy of as many as 12 km and a speed of 20 km/h. It has front headlights, LED daytime running lights, infotainment system, horn, heated seat and even ADAS, with 360-degree sensors and rear-view camera with display incorporated in the armrest.
This is an experiment of playful nature, but the chair might appear in some Norwegian localities for some drive tests.

MECSPE Observatory: Italian enterprises go on investing

mecspe observatory

According to MECSPE Observatory, the percentage of entrepreneurs informed about the NRP (57%) and those who have benefited from the Skills Fund (41%) is growing.

The Italian economy is going on growing, as Istat data of the third 2022-quarter confirm, as they register +0.5% of the GDP.
Positive trend also for 66% of Italian manufacturing enterprises and suitable order portfolio for seven companies out of ten.
Manufacturing confirms to be the driving engine of the Country, even if in recent months the political instability and energy price rises have cast a veil of uncertainty on the Italian economic situation, putting industry and SME to hard test.
This emerges from MECSPE Observatory by Senaf about the 2022 II [1]-four-month period, which has investigated for years the manufacturing’s trend in Italy and its digital transition according to a vision 4.0.

Transition 4.0 Bonus: Main uses
Precisely concerning this, MISE communicates that the total of Transition bonuses 4.0 financed by NRRP amounts to 2.2 billion Euros, given to companies to pursue the target of the digital transformation, through the tax credit tool for the purchase of capital goods and the staff’s training.
According to MECSPE Observatory, the percentage of entrepreneurs informed about the NRRP (57%) and of those who have benefitted from the Competence Fund is growing (41%).
The main use destinations of investments in digital address cybersecurity (41%), collaborative robotics (25%), additive manufacturing (25%) and cloud computing (23%).
These and other central aspects for manufacturing enterprises’ digital development will be the issue of demonstrations, simulations and debate with the chain protagonists, during the next edition of MECSPE, the most important exhibition in Italy dedicated to manufacturing and technological innovation organized by Senaf, scheduled from 29th to 31st March 2023 at BolognaFiere.
The health state of manufacturing confirms to be good also for the second four-month period, then, but not protected against external risks. MECSPE Observatory reveals in fact that the cost rise of raw materials and energy has exerted a medium-high impact on productivity for 94% of enterprises.
A situation that has affected their confidence in general – dropped from 57% to 34% in one year – and in the sector (37%).
Therefore, it is not surprising that the rises of energy costs are the most serious concern for manufacturing entrepreneurs (49%), followed by the fear for the Russia-Ukraine war (18%), by the price rise and by the difficult provisioning of raw materials (10%) and finally by the political instability and by inflation (both by 5%).

mecspe observatory

The resilience of manufacturing companies

Despite the difficulties that hit all manufacturing fields in the Country, manufacturing enterprises are resilient and the general overview shows a sound industry that is going to grow: eight enterprises out of ten intend to undertake an expansion course in terms of sizes, production and internationalization.
The turnover of the second four-month period is stable, it grows by 53% versus the same period of last year and the forecasts for the yearend are positive for almost six companies out of ten.
Export is rising as well, and especially compared to the first four months, the number of enterprises that generate over 70% of their turnover abroad is rising (from 7% to 13% of the sample), prevailingly in EU countries, especially towards Germany and France, important manufacturing territories with which Italy is linked by a sound supply chain.
«An exhibition like MECSPE is a fundamental pole to favour innovative solutions for the sector and the dialogue among entrepreneurs, most of them still oriented to the growth and achieving good turnover results – comments Maruska Sabato, Project Manager of MECSPE – The energy crisis must not menace the great strides in innovation, training and sustainability that enterprises have made in recent years and to which they go on being committed, despite difficulties. In the countless education and information times of MECSPE the issue will be this one, too, with the target of offering food for thought and solutions.»

The role of the MECSPE exhibition

Therefore, the 21st edition of MECSPE will be the ideal place for the dialogue among industry players and to define possible solutions and new assets of the sector.
There will be many special initiatives scheduled, like networking conventions and events, to allow companies’ meeting and to outline the state-of-the-art towards new productivity goals, with focuses dedicated to sustainability, education and innovation, also due to the boost of NRRP funds.
The observatory reveals in fact that four out of ten sampled companies deem they are sustainable, and in particular, from the first to the second four-month period, the share of those that have chosen the way of renewables for the production of electric and thermal energy in their plants is rising (from 34% to 42%).

mecspe observatory

Investments in staff training

Positive figures also for training: over seven entrepreneurs out of ten have already trained, or are planning to engage, staff with suitable skills for performing the 4.0 transformation, and about 62% have partnerships with Universities and ITS in progress.
Moreover, contemporaneously with MECSPE METEF will be held, the international exhibition dedicated to the aluminium chain, a central field for the sustainable industrial production.
Finally, in 2023 MECSPE will double the meeting and it will be held also in Bari from 23rd to 25th November with “Focus Mediterraneo” at Nuova Fiera del Levante, an edition dedicated to the development of technologies 4.0 and a proposal increasingly focused on manufacturing processes’ sustainability and innovation.

[1] Methodological note: MECSPE Observatory was carried out by GRS Research and Strategy on a sample of 759 Italian companies operating in the Italian manufacturing industry, using CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) method.

Technological innovations for EV conversions of vintage cars

British EV technology company Electrogenic announces the further development of its EV technology arm, “Powered by Electrogenic”. The company is known for its world-top player classic car EV conversions.
The announcement comes as the Oxford-based outfit strengthens its leadership team. Electrogenic’s continued development underlines the sustained growth in demand for EV conversions, a vital technological pillar that will support the transition to a low-carbon future.
With “Powered by Electrogenic”, the company is offering its EV powertrain conversion technology – which delivers sustainable, silent and reliable electric motoring – in a broader range of applications, and to a wider audience than ever before.
Steve Drummond, Electrogenic co-founder said: «We’re delighted to announce the further expansion of our Powered by Electrogenic technology, taking this exciting strand of our business – and the company as a whole – to the next level».
The first Powered by Electrogenic packages to launch will be three further “drop-in” kits for the Land Rover Defender. The kits will feature 120kW or 150kW water-cooled motor and 310Nm motor delivering 900Nm directly into the transfer box via a bespoke helical ground gear set.

Maserati, the new more powerful electric motor than all thermal versions

The electric architecture of Maserati GranTurismo Folgore is based on an 800-V technology with three electric motors – developed in Modena – powered by a 92.5 kWh battery with a discharge capacity of 560 kW, which allows you to continuously send about 760 HP towards the wheels.
The just unveiled model will be followed also by electric Grecale and MC20, all based on in-house developed powertrain, they say also drawing from the expertise of Stellantis Group in Formula E.
The highlight of the 800-volt architecture, besides the delivery power, is also the much faster recharge, with support to DC columns up to 300 kW, and 20 necessary minutes of time to rise from the usual 20% to 80%.
The two rear motors are totally decoupled, without any transmission that connects wheels. The Torque-Vectoring allows managing the torque on each single wheel.

Zoppas Industries launches 100 new scholarships

Zoppas Industries wanted to give a positive signal with an initiative open to the new generation throughout Italy, in a time where the difficulties of young people in entering the world of work.
The company’s proposal, with the support of Habacus and a series of ITS, aims to grow talents throughout the country and to seek professional profiles that have the right skills.
The company has decided to make available 100 scholarships of 500 euros each for students enrolled in ITS participating in the initiative.
Scholarship-winning students will have the opportunity to get to know a global reality and will have the opportunity, during their training, to participate in activities, aimed at making Zoppas Industries’ corporate values known and understood.
At the end of their studies, the company will reserve the opportunity to hire the most deserving, interesting profiles, that are interested in working in a stimulating, innovative, international context. The founder of the company, the CEO of the Zoppas Industries Group Gianfranco Zoppas, declared: «The future belongs to all of us, but above all to the new generations. But not only that: we know that their talent and energy will be the real engine of the innovations, essential to guarantee that future. We must therefore do more and more to invest in their abilities. This is why I am very happy to announce this initiative».