Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Presented the new Chinese SUV with 4 electric motors

Produced by Mengshi, subsidiary of Dongfeng Group, Mhero 1 is an off-road fully electric vehicle available in Europe, too. It has been designed with 4 electric motors, two for each axle, and with all-wheel drive. Overall, at disposal there are 800 kW (1,088 HP) and 1,400 Nm of torque and in terms of performances the off-road vehicle reaches 180 km/h (electronically limited speed) and it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. Snow, Mud, Rock, Snow, Water and Auto driving modes are at the driver’s disposal. Through the Mhero All Terrain System, in Auto mode the torque delivery is automatically managed according to the route conditions. The powertrain is powered by a battery that features a capacity of as many as 142.7 kWh (NCM cells) which enables a range of 450 km according to the WLTP cycle. In direct current, it is possible to charge the accumulator up to a power of 100 kW. Rising from 30 to 80% of the charge takes 47 minutes. To face the harshest off-road routes problem-free, the battery is insulated and protected against collisions, besides other things, by an aluminium plate with 8-mm thickness. The off-road vehicle can also rely on a complete suite of drive assistance systems.

Levc, electric design at the Design Week

During Fuorisalone of the Design Week 2024 in Milan, the attention was focused also on the automotive and mobility world and, thanks to Koelliker, on the professional transport. The Group has decided bringing to Italy the great classic Londoner Cab Taxi by the British automotive company Levc, in the TX. 2017 version. Under the new Chinese Geely ownership, the TX electric cab is bringing sustainable mobility and a design product characterized by the eCity technology that offers 126 km of autonomy. Through the integrated generator that charges the battery while in use, there is a total range of 536 km with electric traction. Created for a universal mobility, TX is fully accessible to disabled people, even in wheelchair, with a direct access ramp that is folded in the floor, quickly unfolded and adjustable, completed by a wide door opening. Levc has also implemented a version for the transport of goods that offers an inner volumetry of 5.5 cubic metres with a maximum loading capacity of 830 kg.

Made in Italy manufacturing and electric motors, on show in Rome the vintage photo

Art Nouveau Picture Frame IV - Vintage Retro Old

Opificio Italia is a photo exhibition organized by Confimi Industria at its premises in Rome that includes over 150 shots. It will be opened until August 21st. Opificio Italia is a trip among the images of the manufacturing industries that have contributed in creating Made in Italy products and brands: a selection of pictures taken from family albums and from the historical archives of Confederation’s companies with over 30 years of history. Very interesting for our sector is the fact that the 50 companies on show include also Soga with the vintage photo of the 1st electric asynchronous motor manufactured at Montecchio Maggiore, in the early Seventie.

New Parker electric motor for electro-hydraulic pumps

Parker has launched the NX8M series: a mobile permanent-magnet AC motor at low voltage that is particularly suitable for electro-hydraulic pumps. The requirement it meets is a urban building industry in revolutions, with a scenario that winks at the electrification of small and efficient building machines. It is a change determined by the technological progress and by the specific needs of urban environments: metropolis, with an unbeatable dedication to the green sustainability, are progressively asking for a reduction of exhaust gas emissions and of noise levels, so accelerating the adoption of the electric energy.

The NX8M range by Parker concerns permanent magnet AC motors (PMAC) at low voltage that offer an efficient and convenient solution for electrohydraulic pumps.
The low-cost and easily implemented motor has been designed to suit battery voltages included between 24 Vdc and 96 Vdc and the design is studied to satisfy the specific requirements of compact construction vehicles, such as mini-excavators, compact wheel loaders and dumpers. The motor is equipped with four threaded holes on all sides, which facilitate its mechanical assembly. Moreover, it offers a versatile direct assembly interface of the SAE A pump (ISO 3019/2 as option) and tabs for a comfortable connection of the power supply cable. The range gives the possibility of choosing among three different lengths, all able to provide a maximum nominal torque of 61 Nm. This series is designed to offer up to 10 windings per length, granting optimized efficiency and the capability of adapting the speed to the battery voltage. In addition to the nine standard motors at disposal in the range, which can reach speeds up to 5,000 rpm and a maximum nominal speed of 10.4 kW, customized motors are offered by the manufacturer on demand.

Maserati, the new GranCabrio with three electric motors

The whole Maserati range is shifting to electrification that completes all thermal-engine models and, concerning this, the last release will regard Maserati GranCabrio Folgore, which will land on the market in 2025. Due to the action of three electric motors, two at the rear and one in the front, it assures a maximum power of 761 HP and of 1,350 Nm, which allows rising from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds and reaching a maximum speed of 290 km/h.
Powertrains are powered by a 92.5 battery pack with a particular T-shape and an 800-volt architecture that enables the charge up to 270 kW for a battery recovery time from 20 to 80% of 18 minutes. Concerning the range, according to the company with a “full tank” of energy you can travel up to 447 km in the Wltp cycle.

ZF sets up a cutting-edge technological centre in Mexico

It is located in Monterrey and is made up of 16 forefront laboratories, ranking as one of the most innovative and advanced centres for the automotive industry in Mexico focused on the technologies for the electric and autonomous mobility. ZF in Monterrey currently employs 700 people and expects to reach one thousand workers by 2025.
Martin Fischer, President of ZF North America and member of the Board of Management, emphasized the relevance of the Monterrey campus: “This centre is of utmost importance for our company regionally and globally, as it will allow us to drive innovation and the development of new technologies, helping us stay at the forefront of the mobility industry. In addition, the hubs of corporate functions such as finance, IT and HR operations, which are also part of this campus, are extremely relevant to guarantee the operation and efficiency of the company, since they serve various regions”.
ZF invested $200 million to create one of the most innovative and advanced complexes in the automotive sector in Mexico. The building that houses the corporate functions and the Research and Development centre was designed under the Office 3.0 concept, based on open spaces that promote collaboration and multi-disciplinary work.
“ZF Monterrey represents a crucial step on our path towards a more sustainable and connected mobility. With this campus, we are creating a unique ecosystem in Nuevo Leon that will drive innovation and the development of disruptive mobility technologies,” said Jorge Vazquez, Director of ZF Monterrey and R&D Mexico.

Electric inclusive vehicles that are accessible in wheelchair

Motability Operations, the commercial organization that offers the Motability Scheme in the United Kingdom, has revealed eVITA, an electric state-of-the-art vehicle concept that is accessible in wheelchair (eWAV). Designed and implemented by Callum, eVITA will be manufactured collaborating with the automotive industry to grant that inclusive design principles are taken into account during the whole development.
Currently, Motability Operations has over 34,000 circulating Wav, with about 4,000 applications every year for small and medium size Wav. In many electric vehicles, the floor-mounted battery decreases the internal height and the space inside the passenger compartment and also limits the available payload. Without a solution, this would lead the customers on wheelchairs to opt for bigger vehicles than necessary when they shift to electric. This new design has allowed a height from the ground of 160 mm, similar to the one of a sedan, sharing in a simpler access and in a bigger free height. This means that wheelchaired users have a better and lower seating position in the cabin.
“It is an extremely urgent matter for our customers who use accessible vehicles to wheelchairs because they rely on an obvious or convenient solution to adopt a smaller electric vehicle. We were determinate to find a way to be followed and I am absolutely pleased of having developed the eVITA concept with Callum, which has really the accessibility and the inclusivity at the core of its design, demonstrating what is possible. We are sharing our knowledge with industry – manufacturers, designers and engineers – to support a transition to electric vehicles that works for all, affirms Andrew Miller, managing director of Motability Operations.
The managing director of Callum, David Fairbairn, states: “Callum team is unbelievably proud of presenting eVITA and of working with Motability Operations on such an important project that has the potential of having a positive impact on so many lives, supporting the customers of Motability Scheme with freedom and enjoyment of travelling while the society is shifting to electric.

Electric motorbikes by Zero Motorcycles at the Design Week 2024

April saw one of Italy’s most mundane events: Milan Design Week. The Salone del Mobile filled the pavilions of Fieramilano Rho from 16 to 21 April 2024, with the Fuorisalone, a collateral event to the fair that crowded the city with events, installations, presentations and exhibitions. Demonstrating how electric mobility and the technology involved are now a beacon in the most up-to-date design of our cities, Fuorisalone also included more dedicated spaces and events, such as the one planned by Zero Motorcycles. The electric motorbike company was present at Design Week 2024 with the third edition of ‘Canale a Colori‘, where the Californian brand exhibited two of its most disruptive motorbikes, the 11 Kw Zero FXE and the Zero DSR/X Black Forest Edition. Both were hosted on board BarconeMilano, and the dealer Gpone Milano offered passing motorcyclists the chance to test-drive a model from the Zero range among those on display at BarconeMilano, thus providing a unique opportunity to experience the extraordinary performance of electric motorbikes in an enchanting setting.
‘Zero models are not just means of transport, they are an expression of a new lifestyle that embraces a more conscious freedom to explore and move, thanks to the silent and innovative power of electricity. With their cutting-edge design and exceptional performance, the American company’s motorbikes turn every journey into an adventure, where the connection between man, machine and environment reaches previously unthinkable levels of harmony,’ the company explained in a press release.
Zero Motorcycles’ participation in Design Week 2024 was not just an exhibition of elite electric motorbikes, but a dialogue between the worlds of design, mobility and technology.

Kite Magnetics inaugurates its green aviation test facility

Melbourne-based aerospace manufacturer Kite Magnetics has opened its green aviation test facility. «This features electric motor testing capabilities, including an in-house designed and built dynamometer and thrust stand, demonstrating Kite’s commitment to becoming a major player in the rapidly evolving electric aircraft propulsion industry», said Dr Richard Parsons, Founder and CEO of Kite Magnetics. During a launch event, VIPs were also treated to a view of Kite’s 120kW electric engine in action for the very first time. Their first product, called the KM-120, is now undergoing extensive performance evaluation and reliability testing in preparation for flight testing in early 2024.
Kite Magnetics KM-120 Electric Propulsion System, which is small enough to fit in a packed travel suitcase but more powerful than most small cars, includes an 800V inverter and an air-cooled gearless electric motor with variable pitch propeller support. Designed for fixed-wing electric training aircraft and the emerging eVTOL market, their system leverages their proprietary AeropermTM magnetic materials technology to reach efficiencies greater than 98%.

Batteries, collaborations and price strategies

The Chinese battery manufacturer Catl is a common topic of conversation, first of all for the five-years agreement signed with NIO to promote the technical cooperation for new brands, designs and markets, optimizing the expansion abroad and developing a business model focused on long-term batteries. More recently, the news that the Chinese battery giant is likely to be ready to halve the cost per kWh of its lithium-iron-phosphate cells (Lfp) by the half of 2024, leading to a neat decrease of electric vehicles’ costs. It seems that square 173 Ah cells, which can be charged completely in less than 30 minutes, will be sold to various manufacturers of electric vehicles at an average price of around 56 dollars/kWh. This means that a 60-kWh battery pack will approximately halve its cost, dropping from about 6,800 to 3,400 dollars. The very latest shared information concerns its most recent results in 2023. «Some milestones we achieved by the end of the year include NO.1 in EV battery consumption volume for the 7th year & NO.1 in global energy storage battery shipment for the 3rd year. Therefore, powering 11,670,000+ EVs in 64 countries and regions, 20,604 R&D specialists, 29,487 patents obtained/filed and 4 zero-carbon factories & 3 lighthouse factories», the company explained.