The protagonists of a successful collaboration in the world of industrial machines are Moog and Dolomitech companies. The broad segment that includes excavation, material handling and transport machines is increasingly protagonist of electrically powered vehicles that join conventional ones. Concerning this, emblematic is the electric industrial loader implemented also thanks to Moog, top player in the supply of high-performance solutions for industrial automation. It is a “full electric” machine with characteristics that allow its use in industrial areas and buildings.
The project was managed by Dolomitech, engineering company headquartered in Trento, and it is characterized by several complexities as it is a “monster” loading machine in the category of industrial electric vehicles.
The machine weighs 50 t, it can lift 3 t and is equipped with an arm that reaches 18 m extension. Its mission is the short-range handling in iron and steel areas and plants, with performances that concern the mechanical, motion and electric aspect. Precisely due to this reason, Moog engineers have designed a state-of-art system, with each loader equipped with 3 EPU, Electro-hydrostatic Motor-Pump Unit, 4 servomotors and 7 customized DR2020 servo-drives.
The successful Dolomitech case proves that Moog technology enables the existence of battery-powered machines, anyway with the same performances as conventional diesel systems.