The shift to electric of traditionally estate cars is a very strong signal of the neat direction the market is undertaking.
In the lapse of three years, in fact, Volkswagen ID.6 is likely to replace Volkswagen Passat.
The new Volkswagen ID.6, which will be 100% Made in Germany because produced in Emden factory, will have two bodywork variants: a sedan and a station wagon estate car. The new electric model will be equipped with 84 kWh-capacity battery that will provide around 700 km autonomy. One of the two variants will be provided with rear electric motor and the other with double motor to offer all-wheel drive. What about the recharge speed? ID.6 supports fast recharges up to 200 kW, permitting to obtain about 230 km of autonomy in just 10 minutes from a fast DC column.
Volkswagen Passat will be probably replaced by about 36 months, precisely when the official presentation of Volkswagen ID.6 is scheduled.