In the ambit of the announcement of the Regional Operational Programme European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 Emilia-Romagna, are also framed Energica Motor Company and Simesi, Research for the Efficiency and Safety Improvement System of an electric vehicle with 2 or more wheels. The competitive arena of this market is moderately fragmented and is composed by both small electric bike producers and by big players in the motorcycle industry, currently in a prototype phase and able to offer a single niche product. In a market still highly fractioned and with steeply rising expected volumes, EMC features a top ranking it is going to strengthen and to expand through a new evolutionary step in the technologies connected with electric propulsion systems and with the solutions for the safety and driveability of its own motorcycles. R&D Simesi project precisely aims at developing an innovative electric powertrain platform to enable the diffusion of the electric mobility, by introducing an increase of performances in the electric motorcycles of the range. The electric modular propulsion platform can be reconfigured and provides high performances, easily customizable for different electric mobility applications, not in competition with the company’s core business. The primary distinguishing elements of the platform are an innovative control electronics, with advanced functions of energy recovery and power management, a new technology of modular battery packaging, with optimized management of the control functions of charge/discharge and thermal conditioning of energy storage elements, a newly-conceived mechanical transmission with high efficiency and new aerodynamic solutions to develop in electric superbikes the new functions of power control and of increment of the vehicle driveability and safety.