DKV Mobility, the B2B platform for on the road payments and solutions, has established a partnership with ABB E-mobility to offer the customers of DKV Mobility a powerful and reliable direct current (DC) charge infrastructure for their business sites. This collaboration leads to a full-service offer, currently available in Germany and Austria, which ranges from the consulting for the choice and the installation of the suitable hardware up to customized assistance and invoicing services. A package that allows customers to implement, to use and to manage easily direct current charge infrastructures with charge capacity up to 600 kW in their premises. Both DKV Mobility and ABB E-mobility offer solutions purposely studied for the electric fleet, no matter whether they are cars or both light and heavy commercial vehicles. “The collaboration with ABB E-mobility represents an important stage for us in our course. Thanks to this initiative, our portfolio for the charge of electric vehicles is getting larger and larger, including quick charge systems in direct current for our customers’ commercial sites. This allows us to propose an array of offers that can satisfy optimally the requirements of electric commercial vehicles, too”, affirms Sven Mehringer, Managing Director Energy & Vehicle Services of DKV Mobility.
“We are pleased with supporting DKV Mobility and its customers in the electrification of fleets and in the shift to the sustainable mobility. In ABB E-mobility, our mission is providing customers with a user-friendly and reliable direct current charge infrastructure. To hit this target, not only we rely on a broad range of hardware and software solutions that satisfy fleet operators’ specific requirements but we supply also a holistic support to customers, from the planning and design to the installation and to individual service concepts “, affirms Andre Strömich, Head of Channel Management of ABB E-mobility.