Among the Italian companies that stand out for the sale and repair of motors by the most different manufacturing companies, designing and implementing single-phase, three-phase transformers and inductances, ranks Baudino Service.
The company has narrated some of the last successful interventions: a 22kW Omlat electrospindle, which had lost thrust, so being unable to unleash 600Nm of power, replaced by low performances. Baudino team has intervened on the stator, analysing each wire and winding and afterwards giving birth to them again. “The rewinding of the electrospindle stator is a crucial phase in the repair process of an electric motor. It is a delicate operation that needs utmost care and precision to grant an optimal result and the motor’s duration in time.
During this phase, new windings are introduced with extreme meticulousness inside the stator, assessing that each turn is correctly positioned and there are neither superimpositions nor damages. The choice of high-quality materials and the use of specific techniques, such as the vacuum impregnation, assure the perfect insulation of windings and their resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses”, Baudino Service explained.