A new model joins the XKP range by Askoll. It is XKP 80, conceived to meet the requirements of commuters who from the hinterland villages reach big cities to work, reaching a range of 101 km thanks to the presence of a couple of batteries featuring 1.7 kW each, which take 6 hours for a complete charge. The electric powertrain reaches a power of 4.1 kW and 160 Nm of torque directly transferred to the wheel.
There is a special “booster” to reach the maximum speed of 80 km/h for a short period, for instance in case of surpass. The lighting is entrusted to Led lights, while a digital LCD display is not missing and provides the most relevant information about the status of the scooter, including the residual autonomy. It is worth highlighting that also this model provides the reverse mode.
Askoll XKP 80 is approved as moped in category L3 and therefore it may be driven by the holders of an A1 driving licence at least.