Tacita Italian motorbike manufacturer, producer of electric models, has officially presented the 2024-range with the launch of 5 models in 2 versions and with various possible configurations, result of over 10 years of research and development. Tacita defines its range with the T-Cruise line, declined on the 2 Urban and Turismo models and the T-Race line, developed on the 3 Enduro, Motard and Motorally models. In 2025 Discanto and Pitbike Maestro will join them. The new models are provided with a 0.7mm-thick fairings in mixed carbon and ballistic Kevlar. The traction battery options are 9kWh for Enduro and Motard, and 13 kWh for Motorally, with a weight that does not exceed 196 kg. Interchangeable batteries allow a replacement in 3 minutes and the Battery Management System, equipped with proprietary software, allows increasing the range and the overheating prevention. All models have a continuity power of 11kW with a max power of 34kW, enabling their drive with A1 or B Driving licence. Today the motorbikes for 2024 are already in in pre-order in Europe on the site and since 2025 they will be available in Canada and USA, directly shipped from the headquarter at Poirino (Turin) to the new “Tacita North America” Headquarter.