Parker has launched the NX8M series: a mobile permanent-magnet AC motor at low voltage that is particularly suitable for electro-hydraulic pumps. The requirement it meets is a urban building industry in revolutions, with a scenario that winks at the electrification of small and efficient building machines. It is a change determined by the technological progress and by the specific needs of urban environments: metropolis, with an unbeatable dedication to the green sustainability, are progressively asking for a reduction of exhaust gas emissions and of noise levels, so accelerating the adoption of the electric energy.

The NX8M range by Parker concerns permanent magnet AC motors (PMAC) at low voltage that offer an efficient and convenient solution for electrohydraulic pumps.
The low-cost and easily implemented motor has been designed to suit battery voltages included between 24 Vdc and 96 Vdc and the design is studied to satisfy the specific requirements of compact construction vehicles, such as mini-excavators, compact wheel loaders and dumpers. The motor is equipped with four threaded holes on all sides, which facilitate its mechanical assembly. Moreover, it offers a versatile direct assembly interface of the SAE A pump (ISO 3019/2 as option) and tabs for a comfortable connection of the power supply cable. The range gives the possibility of choosing among three different lengths, all able to provide a maximum nominal torque of 61 Nm. This series is designed to offer up to 10 windings per length, granting optimized efficiency and the capability of adapting the speed to the battery voltage. In addition to the nine standard motors at disposal in the range, which can reach speeds up to 5,000 rpm and a maximum nominal speed of 10.4 kW, customized motors are offered by the manufacturer on demand.