The Japanese giant is catapulting itself into the world of state-of-the-art electric motors, and it has entered it on equal feet, with an electric motor based on super-conductive materials, of over 2700 horsepower, 10-time more compact than a conventional motor.
The prototype by Toshiba, perfectly operating, is a superconducting thruster dedicated to mobility applications and encompasses various forefront technologies, besides semiconductors. The new motor has a maximum power of 2 MW, due to a very high-power density, and the capability of rotating at very high speed: such a power in a narrow space makes it suitable for heavy vehicles and the airplane transport, too.
Ready in production by 2030, it uses windings made with superconducting materials, (hence the name) at high temperature. They are materials with zero electrical resistance able to transfer electricity without losses at very high speed.
Toshiba has also communicated that this prototype, which is currently in perfect operation, will be further implemented during next years and when it will be ready for marketing it will have even better technical features and performances.