The Californian startup Range Energy has manufactured a motor to be installed on the trailer of articulated trucks to relieve the effort of the powertrain by reducing its consumption. The secret of the system would lie in the pin that engages the fifth wheel and transmits traction to the trailer while allowing the latter to turn during manoeuvres.
The smart kingpin is equipped with sensors that detect the intensity and the direction of the forces of traction, braking and of curves’ lateral ones. The sensors on the pin detect these forces and their signals, together with others’ they opportunely pilot the electric motor connected with one of the rear axles.
Technical data refer to a 350 kW/476 HP and 14,000 Nm motor and to 200 kWh batteries at 800 volts, with a charge that takes place at 19 kW in AC and up to 350 kW in DC. A gem: this trailer has also the V2G bidirectional charge and then it might be used to power external systems or to balance the net.