Manufactured by Sitael at Mola di Bari, part of Angel Holding, MicroHETSat is a full electric satellite. Manufactured on behalf of the European Space Agency, MicroHETsat weighs 75 kg and it is equipped with a plasma motor, a sort of low-consumption space lift. The mission has been enabled by the investment of the Italian Space Agency through a contract with the European Space Agency – ESA. Through specific measures of support to innovative enterprises like Siatel, the Apulia Region has allowed the implementation of some prototypes of the satellite subsystems and part of the factory where MicroHETSat was born.
«All key elements of the satellite, from the on-board computer to the control system, from solar panels to power supplies and electric thrusters have been implemented by our engineers and technicians – commented Marco Molina, Managing Director Sales and Products of SITAEL -. Satellite operations are now in full swing and successfully go on from the operational room in SITAEL headquarters in Forlì».