It is called VinFast and it is a Vietnamese startup specialized in electric cars. It made its début with a big sedan and a massive SUV, both based on BMW platforms, with modern lines designed by Pininfarina. The ambition was offering high-end models at competitive prices and distributing them in the primary world markets.
The company has recently announced that at least 50 shops will be opened in all Europe, starting from Germany, France and Holland.
The first cars created by the brand were VF e35 and VF e36, now the range has been enlarged with the SUV VF 8 and VF 9, models that precisely will land in the Old Continent.
VinFast will make its début in Europe with a particular service: it will offer its batteries as a subscription, with prices that will change from Country to Country. In Europe, for instance, VF 8 is proposed at 599 Euros per month, with battery included, or 43,350 Euros plus 120 Euros of battery subscription per month.
Another gem? The car delivery, fully free-of-charge, is provided directly to your home.