With the entry into the group Cravanzola & Veglio, Sipro competences regarding the automatic lines for the production of electric motors have been increased.
Sipro is able to manufacture complete turn-key plants, consisting of line for stator production, rotor preparation line, assembly and test lines, focused mainly on brushless motors.
The stator architectures that can be obtained with Sipro equipments are of different nature: from single poles to unique stator stack, with all insulation solutions actually used on the market.
Sipro is manufacturing its systems with the competences acquired during 40 years winding experience, counting on systems with rotating spindle, flyer or needle winding, all single or parallel multi wires.
To this we must add the experiences gained in the last twenty years in the construction of core insulation systems, with automatic application of plastic components, handling molded elements or forming and applying insulation films, pre-glued, glued at the moment or simply applied and held by the motor’s heads.
Downstream of the winding there are several applications developed for forming and closing the stator stack, dedicated to its insertion in the motor body as well with hot and cold solutions.
Also in this case the competences have been developed at 360 degrees, going from the plasma welding systems to the laser ones.
With reference to the contacting system, also in this case, the various requested solutions have been studied and constructed both with servo manual cabling and crimping activities and with robotized systems with welding or soldering of the winding pins on connectors or on PCBs directly.
The revolution mainly connected to the entry into the group Cravanzola & Veglio is the automation to produce the stator with permanent magnets. In fact, the competences acquired by the group in the preparation and fixing of the magnets, their magnetization and application on the rotor as well as all the phases linked to the shafts assembly, bearings etc have enriched and expanded the opportunities portfolio that can be offered by Sipro.
Quality, control and reliability are the guidelines of the plants manufactured by Sipro, associated to the employment of new technologies, the research of continuously new solutions that allow Customer an energy save, increasing the efficiency and the possibility to monitor and govern the processes at each time with full knowledge.