Among the most challenging matches in the sustainability championship there is undoubtedly the one concerning heavy vehicles’ emissions.
This direction is pursued by the maker Man Truck & Bus: “The Future starts now – We pave the road to Zero Emission” is the slogan with which the company welcomed in Nurnberg representatives of politics, scientific world and industry to present an electric truck, almost mass-produced, and to give birth to an important future project about hydrogen.
«Man – declared Alexander Vlaskamp, Chairman of the Executive Board of Man Truck & Bus is accelerating its transformation and making great strides towards zero-emission traction systems. Man’s and Traton Group’s goal is focused on the battery systems that constitute the base for our heavy-duty e- trucks, which we will release starting from 2024. Then, only when sufficient quantities of hydrogen and the corresponding infrastructure will be available, well after 2030, we are planning to use H2 trucks in selected application areas. This is the reason why we are studying the opportunities offered by hydrogen and Bavarian State’s funding allows us to develop further competences in the field».
Bavarian State finances “Bavarian Fleet” research project with 8.5 million Euros in the ambit of its strategy towards hydrogen and so it accelerates the competence development: Man is developing a fuel-cell truck together with its industrial partners Bosch, Faurecia and ZF.
With the presentation of the new electric prototype based on the new truck generation, Man highlights how battery and hydrogen fuel- cell electric tractions go hand in hand technologically and evolve simultaneously. The electric motor, which draws its energy from batteries, is the starting point.