The Smart Motor System developed by the Californian Turntide Technologies lands in Italy, with the target of revolutionizing air treatment systems in buildings. Developed by the Californian company Turntide Technologies, it is a switched magnetic reluctance electric motor that allows large buildings to manage the air treatment with notable energy saving. This technology now lands also in Italy thanks to Future Motors, company specialized in green technologies for energy efficiency.
Commercial and industrial buildings account for 40% of electricity consumed globally and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
HVAC energy consumption accounts for more than 40% of a commercial building’s total energy use. Turntide for Strategic Machines can reduce HVAC energy use on average by 64 percent and smooth a path to more sustainable operations.

More efficient HVAC systems

Let us go into detail. At the center of Turntide for Strategic Machines is the new TX motor. This intelligent motor features a unique pancake design that is very light and is ideal for use in equipment with limited space and/or high torque requirements, such as axial fans in data centers. Its IoT capabilities enable automated commissioning, remote monitoring, and fault detection. Real-time data streams from the connected motor offer insights into equipment performance and present opportunities for new aftermarket recurring revenue streams, such as equipment-as-a-service subscriptions and condition-based service contracts.
OEMs can also use the data insights to accelerate product improvement timelines and bring more innovative products to market with a lower total cost of ownership and improved reliability.
Turntide motors are free from the rare earth minerals that most high-efficiency permanent magnet motors require. Avoiding rare earths both reduces the environmental impact of the motors, as well as geopolitical supply chain risks.