Research and development in the field of renewable sources is unceasing and, among the others, there are some initiatives that shine with particular virtue. Enedym, technological start-up stemmed in McMaster University and headquartered in the Canadian McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, develops state-of-the-art switched reluctance motors, electric propulsion systems and electrified kinematic chains; it has received a non-repayable grant worth 2.4 million dollars by Sustainable Development Technology Canada -SDTC. The goal is developing and marketing its own technology of the pitch motor for Ventium wind turbines.
Ventium technology increases the reliability and the efficiency of wind turbines and therefore implies an energy production increase.
«The technology by Enedym promises transforming wind turbines into an even more efficacious source of electric sustainable energy. SDTC is proud of supporting Canadian entrepreneurs, such as Enedym, which are in the forefront in the global efforts aimed at the development of solutions and at the promotion of innovation that will lead us towards a greener and more prosperous future», declared Leah Lawrence, President and CEO of SDTC.
Doctor Ali Emadi, Founder, President and CEO of Enedym instead affirmed: «We wish to thank SDTC for their constant support to the development and marketing of our state-of-the-art pitch motor for wind turbines, Ventium. Wind power is one of the most steeply rising technologies for renewable energy today, and Enedym believes it is a crucial tool for the creation of a sustainable future for all. Our Ventium plant makes wind turbines more efficient and cheaper, and can bring a relevant contribution to the problems caused by the climatic change».
Enedym consortium collaborates with many of the primary owners and players of wind farms in the world and it is composed by several partners, such as Smartricity Inc.
Michael Sonsogno, CEO of Smartricity, ended: «Pitching systems are one of the main problems for reliability in a wind turbine owing to the frequent failures of both the electric motor and the traditional DC converter. Smartricity is very pleased of joining its resources with Enedym to release Ventium on the market, as this motor directly faces all weak points of current pitching plants and solves them thanks to the advanced SRM technology by Enedym».