The German manufacturer MAHLE, with headquarters in Stuttgart, is currently developing a new type of electric magnet-free motor. Its central feature is the inductive, and then contactless, power transmission, which allows the motor to operate wear-free and to be particularly efficient at high speeds.
Concerning this, the efficiency exceeds 95% in almost all operational points, a level that previously was reached by Formula E race cars only. In this way, MAHLE has succeeded in matching the highlights of electric motors’ various concepts in a single product.
It is an easily scalable development, which can be used by small cars as well as by commercial vehicles.
Moreover, the new electric motor is characterized by a long service life in time, because the necessary transmission of electric currents between rotary and stationary parts inside the motor is contactless and then wear-free. This makes the motor maintenance-free and suitable for a broad range of applications.
Michael Frick, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board (ad interim) and CFO said: «With our new electric motor, we’re living up to our responsibility as a sustainably operating company. Dispensing with magnets and therefore the use of rare earth elements offers great potential not only from a geopolitical perspective but also with regard to the responsible use of nature and resources».
Dr. Martin Berger, Vice President Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at MAHLE added: «Our magnet-free motor can certainly be described as a breakthrough, because it provides several advantages that have not yet been combined in a product of this type,” says “As a result, we can offer our customers a product with outstanding efficiency at a comparatively low cost».