04in Turin, the experimentation of autonomous guided shuttles begins. It happens in Italy for the first time and due to the project Sperimentazione Italia (Italy experimentation), the regulatory sandbox that allows start-ups, enterprises, universities and research centres to experiment innovative projects through a temporary derogation from the regulations in force.
The authorization was obtained by Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT) and takes place inside the SHOW project, funded by Horizon2020 European Programme, which aims at supporting the transition towards an efficacious and sustainable autonomous guide urban transport.
The experimentation provides for two phases: the first “pre-demo”, March and April 2022, establishes that autonomous guided shuttles circulate without passengers on board.
This first phase will be fundamental to test the vehicle in the real traffic, besides providing for training activities of operators on board.
The second step will start in May 2022 and will last 5 months, when the experimentation phase will be fully entered: shuttles will circulate with passengers on board.
The experimentation will be carried out with two autonomous-guided shuttles, along a course of about 5 km in the area of the hospitals of the City of Health and Science and citizens will have the possibility of booking the free transport service through an app.