Recently, at the scientific-technological pole of University of Ferrara, they have held the conclusive presentation event about the research activity results of DiaPro 4.0 project.
The target consisted in developing an innovative multi-sensor system for the malfunction detection and the forecast of future “health conditions” in rotors, gears, bearings and electric motors.
DiaPro4.0 has involved industrial research laboratories accredited to the Regional Network for High Technology with expertise in the field of mechanical transmissions and of diagnostics/prognostics, like MechLav, Intermech and Raw Power, and Bonfiglioli spa and Marposs enterprises. Current predictive maintenance systems for drives and gears feature reliability limits owing to the variability of operational conditions and incompatible costs with the application on medium-small geared motors.
The implementation of a demo-prototype of a multi-sensor system of predictive maintenance, based on Edge Computing architectural solutions, with forefront characteristics compared to current system, has led to a 30% -50% lower cost of the industrialized system compared to the available systems on the market, in addition to high diagnostic reliability.