Joining Muner (the Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna), Bosch consolidates its historical collaboration in the Motor Valley (Italy). The German multinational is present on Emilia territory with seven sites in the ambit of activities of development, production, application and sale of products and systems for automotive and industrial automation, working in strict cooperation with the customers in the Motor Valley, such as Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani.
This move is framed in the ambit of “Training for the Future”, the project of youth orientation devised by Bosch Italia in collaboration with Randstad.

«The Motor Valley represents a strategic area for the Mobility Solutions sector of Bosch, where identifying and training young talents, enhancing the territory on a national scale», stated Camillo Mazza, General Manager of Robert Bosch GmbH Branch in Italy (in the picture). «The technological innovation shared by Bosch and Motor Valley has allowed writing the history of two-and four-wheeled cars: for this reason, we have chosen to further sanction our collaboration, providing future professionals with all competences by our experts».
Andrea Pontremoli, President of Muner, commented: «We are satisfied with welcoming this new partnership, widening the net of companies that support and feed our reality in this year fitted with novelties. Few years after its birth, Muner innovates its study course with the new Master in Electronic Engineering for Intelligent Vehicles, assigns the scholarships allocated by the prestigious agreement with F1 and welcomes some new partners in its inside: a constant boost for a forefront university, rooted into the territory but paying constant attention to all innovation processes that surround it. Together with Bosch, its professionals and the precious know-how that characterizes this reality, the course will be certainly better».