The positive turmoil in the sector of electric airbuses goes on. One of the latest news concerns Airbus’ s choice for the supply of the motors of the electric aircraft with vertical take-off and landing CityAirbus NextGen. It is the Californian manufacturer MagicAll, which will equip the prototype with a customized version of MagiDrive, the last generation of its electric motors.
The detailed customization of the electric propulsion system will allow the prototype to benefit from characteristics that will match its design, increasing performances and reliability. The light brushless motors that will be integrated are an innovative design and manufacturing product: they integrate the last generation of electronic and magnetic power technology. Electric motors will also contribute to the seamless architecture of the eVtol prototype by Airbus, due to a fully integrated solution that includes both the motor itself and its control system, as part of a fully enclosed propulsion unit, air-cooled.