The British Equipmake has provided an advanced electric propulsion unit (EPU) for Vertical Aerospace’s prototype eVTOL aircraft.
Recently completing the first-ever full-scale untethered eVTOL flights in the UK, the VX4 prototype features a totally bespoke EPU from Equipmake, combining a lightweight, power dense electric motor with a high-performance inverter, designed, developed and manufactured by Equipmake at its base in Snetterton, UK.
“Each motor uses Equipmake’s proprietary rotor design, with the magnets forming a Halbach array to maximise torque and minimise mass to deliver, while the inverter is matched to the motor for optimum power density”, the company explained in its press release.
The aircraft has been designed to transport a pilot and four passengers and it is expected to have a maximum autonomy of 100 miles, with the capability of flying at a speed of about 150 miles/hour.
“ Congratulations to Vertical Aerospace on achieving this milestone. Through our advanced, lightweight, power dense electric propulsion unit, which combines both our e-motor and inverter technology, we’re delighted to be supporting the company on its journey and are looking forward to further assisting in accelerating prototype vehicle development”, they are the words by Ian Foley, Equipmake CEO.