The new e-motorbike produced by Energica offers interesting ideas for both medium-range use and for its technical characteristics. It has been available for pre-order since June 1st 2022 and the pioneering motorbike in the segment of electric Tourers is called Experia.
The motor, which weighs 260 kg (then less than Naked Eva one), is synchronous with permanent magnets and a maximum power of 101 HP (75 kW), for a torque of 115 Nm. The speed declared by Energica is 180 Km/h.
The autonomy stated by Modena company corresponds to 420 Km in the urban cycle and 246 km in the combined cycle.
What about the battery? It has a maximum capacity of 22.5 kWh and in 40 minutes, in the β€œFast” recharge modality, it shifts from 0 to 80% of the recharge. Moreover, it is possible to use other two recharge modalities: Level 2 (at 240V) and Level 1 (at 120V).