Komatsu is about to release in Japan, currently as rental model, the electric PC01E-1 micro-digger, developed together with Honda Motor Co.
The PC01E-1 model is obtained by electrifying the conventional PC01 micro-digger through the integration of the Mobile Power Pack e: by Honda, an interchangeable portable battery and Honda eGX electrified generator.
The conventional model is typically used close to people, trees and flowers for pipe laying, gardening, agriculture, breeding and similar.
The new electric motor offers high performances even at low revolution numbers, granting PC01E-1 more digging performance compared to the conventional model, under the same conditions. Who has already tried the PC01E-1 model in worksite has expressed the total appreciation, pointing out the easy replacement of batteries and charge with household 100 V electricity, besides the practical advantages deriving from the fuel elimination.
The battery compartment is installed on the rear side and therefore it maintains the compact structure of the current model, with a width of just 580 mm. The weight is 340 kg, inferior to the maximum load capacity of Japanese mini trucks (350 kg).