Aisin Corporation has developed the prototype of a motor featuring efficiency by using Nanomet®, a nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy that achieves both high saturation magnetic flux density and ultralow iron loss, invented at the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University. It is sold exclusively by TMI, a spin-out from Tohoku University.
The efficiency motor, made by transforming Nanomet® into the core of the motor and in the stator, has then been developed by joining the two realities’ forces. This technology halves the loss in comparison with conventional motors for BEV that use electromagnetic steel plates and should improve the vehicle’s overall energy efficiency by over 3%.
Aisin will further perfect the technology and will proceed with tests and assessments, with the goal of releasing this motor on the market of BEV within 2029. In the future, Aisin will speed up the development, with the goal of expanding the technology not only to the mobility field but also to various other sectors highly needing to improve the energy efficiency through the use of efficiency motors.