The concept car EVbeat is based on a Porsche Taycan and is inspired, as benchmark, by the leader standard technology by ZF and by other market players. With the prototype of the new 800-volt electric motor by ZF it has a torque density of 70 Nm/kg with a power pack weight decreased by 30%.
The constant and peak power of the electric motor is respectively 206 and 275 kilowatts and the constant power is about 75% of the peak power. In terms of sizes, the transmission saves 50 millimetres of width due to the compact reducer and to the “Braided Winding” technology patented by Z: a further development of the so-called corrugated winding that allows 10% less of installation space in all.
The winding head alone is up to 50% smaller in comparison with conventional approaches, with the consequent copper saving by about 10%.
Concerning the cooling, ZF allows the oil to flow directly around copper bars, precisely in the point when most of the heating during the operation is generated. Such highly efficient cooling significantly enhances the performances with the same weight and the same installation space. Moreover, it is possible to give up the use of heavy rare earths and the electric motor can be manufactured in more sustainable manner.
In addition, a new coaxial gearbox transmits the driving forces of the electric motor via two planetary gears. Compared to conventional offset concepts, where input and output shafts are not on the same axis, the coaxial solution reduces weight and installation space without affecting efficiency, noise and vibrations.