After testing its prototype, Electric boat start-up Arc are now pre-producing last version of the Arc One, a 24-foot-long vessel with a massive battery pack and an elegant design. There are also VIPs among lenders’ names: the company has raised 30 million dollars coming from Will Smith and Kevin Durant, too.
For starters, the total battery capacity will be 10% larger than previously disclosed: now 220 kWh, or three times the capacity of a Tesla Model Y.
A new, more powerful motor will also be capable of putting out over 500 HP of power. And finally, the hull shape itself is evolving to unlock greater efficiency and more sporty handling.
The boat will still have a top speed of around 40 miles per hour and can last about four hours under power before needing to be recharged — which the start-up claims is plenty for a day out on the water.