They have recently announced the partnership between Foligno Umbragroup, top player in the production of ball screws in the aeronautical sector and valuable player in aerospace and defence, and the Korean Supernal, reality connected with the forefront aircraft mobility, member of Hyundai Motor Company Group.
The partnership will have significant repercussions not only for Umbria multinational but also for the territory, considering the induced activities that turn around the company. Supernal is developing a new electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), which will revolutionize the sustainable mobility concept, to bet, during next years, on a technological revolution that will include also our territory and its productions. A challenge for Umbria company, which with its electromechanical actuators can design and manufacture complex, light and safe architectures and support customers in the whole qualification and certification process. Umbragroup is called to supply Supernal with equipment providing the advantage of improving the performances of the solutions where they are assembled and to share in a significant reduction of the environmental impact.
“A new and exciting challenge the confirms how our Group is ranking among the pioneers of the new mobility and electrification, always looking at the sustainability of the solutions proposed”, declared the CEO of Umbragroup Matteo Notarangelo.