Stellantis has recently presented Stla Medium, a global BEV-by-design platform with forefront features. It can offer prolonged autonomy (over 700 km) and integrated flexibility starting from the design, to allow the implementation of a broad variety of vehicles with various traction configurations in the key market segments, C and D, which have represented 35 million sales in 2022, almost the half of the 78.5 million vehicles sold on a global scale in the same year. Currently, Stellantis brands offer 26 models of vehicles in these segments, by using various platforms. The Stla Medium platform allows manufacturing up to 2 million vehicles yearly in various plants headquartered worldwide, this year starting from Europe.
STLA Medium, which uses a 400-V electric architecture, will offer top-level energy efficiency and recharge times in the category and the connectivity to a recharge system. Depending on the application, the consumption will be under 14 kWh for 100 km. The vehicles implemented on Stla Medium will be sold all over the world and they will be available with front or all-wheel drive, with the addition of a second electric propulsion module at the rear, with a power ranging from 160 to 285 kW (BEV).