LIFT Aircraft has recently completed the first-ever piloted eVTOL demonstration flights in Japan with their aircraft, HEXA.

The flights were conducted in partnership with Marubeni Corporation, with whom the Austin, Texas based company is partnering to develop and advance the eVTOL market in Japan, and with participation from GMO Internet Group.

With Osaka castle in the background, after about one hour of training and introduction to the aircraft, Masatoshi Kumagai from GMO Internet Group piloted HEXA, successfully accomplishing three flight schemes.

Flights were conducted for audiences that included the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), the aviation authority of Japan.

Although HEXA complies with FAA Part 103 and can be flown in the United States today without aircraft type certification or pilot license, Japan does not yet have equivalent regulation.

JCAB carefully reviewed the safety of the aircraft, the extensiveness and maturity of the test program, the flight envelope, and ultimately gave permission for the demonstrations to proceed.

Matt Chasen, founder and CEO of LIFT Aircraft said: «JCAB was thorough in their review of our safety standards and our aircraft, and gave us the green light to fly. It’s an honor that our aircraft was selected to be the first eVTOL ever piloted in Japan».

LIFT has formally concluded Phase 1 flight test and beginner flight envelope development with the U.S. Air Force and has launched Alpha Flights, allowing people outside of their Flight Operations and Test teams to fly.