The collaboration between Reinova, company specialized in the development, test and validation of components for the electric powertrain, and E2C (Energy To Come), company in the sector of power electronics and energy conversion, has currently consolidated and resulted in the creation of a technological pole for the electric mobility and recharge infrastructures in the naval sector. The target consists in activities of research and development, manufacturing and services in the enlarged chain of the e-mobility in the naval sector. In particular, they intend to develop an infrastructural recharge system for electric boats that is expected to be safe, green and economically sustainable. To implement that, it will be necessary to integrate systems of prevention, monitoring and control that are intelligent. “We strongly believe in the electrification for boats and in the development of infrastructures. Our business plan identified a centrality of this market, starting from the development of solutions for the transport of people and freights with courses defined to optimize flows and recharge systems”, commented the CEO of Reinova Giuseppe Corcione.
“The collaboration concerns a chain of competences that involve the part of naval engineering, storage and propulsion, mutually correlated by expert systems that check their use state”, explained Luca Balbo, CEO of E2C. It was a Made in Italy project framed in the development of the Italian naval market and, at the same time, it makes use of its efficient provisioning chain and of its shipyard tradition.