One of the most critical aspects for electric or hybrid aircrafts, deemed by many people the main future means of transport, are the high safety and redundancy standards they must conform to. Concerning the certification, Easa (European Aviation Safety Agency) is working at a new specific regulatory framework for this type of aircrafts, while FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of United States) has decided adapting the certification procedures of small airplanes to eVTOL.
Therefore, this might lead to satisfy different requisites, with the possibility of having to obtain a double certification, in other words an eVTOL project developed in one of the two continents can need substantial modifications and additional validations to be compliant in the other.
For specific applications, HBK relies on solutions such as eDrive, a platform of power and data acquisition analysis for the execution of innovative tests on electric motors. eDrive consists of two components: a power analysis device and a data collection system, which detects in synchronous modality electric signals, torque, speed, temperature, acceleration, CAN bus signals and other variables.
Moreover, the possibility offered by the system of storing raw data allows the user to analyse the data in post process, using complex functions equipping the software. eDrive Testing offers then unique functions compared to standard power analysis devices and can be used also with multi-phase and multi-channel applications.