The company of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) of Hyundai Motor Group, Supernal, has recently presented S-A2, its eVTOL concept that can host one pilot and four passengers. The aircraft, designed to assure utmost safety and comfort, is based on the S-A1 concept. It is the synthesis of innovative aerospace engineering and automotive design by Hyundai Motor Group to supply a new transport modality in urban areas. It is designed to travel over 190 km/h at an altitude exceeding 450 meters to perform journeys between 40 and 65 km.

«Since the beginning, Supernal has pursued the mission of creating the right product and market at the right time. The presentation of S-A2 demonstrates our constant commitment to reaching this target through a safe and efficient aircraft, with a clear course for entry into the market. Due to our team of 600 people, the technical and commercial skills of Hyundai Motor Group, and the support from trusted suppliers of the aeronautical industry all over the world, Supernal is ready to start a new flight era», declared Jaiwon Shin, President of Hyundai Motor Group and CEO of Supernal.