UrbanV, a startup supported by Aeroporti di Roma, Save (the Group of North-East airports), Bologna airports, and French Riviera ones, is designing a network of “vertiports”. They are infrastructures for the take off and the landing of eVTOL that will connect Rome and Fiumicino airport starting from the end of 2024. This pilot project will use eVTOL Volocopter with a pilot on board and will exploit the first Italian “sandbox” for urban air mobility. Still, the target for the future is full flight automation.

In Italy, several projects are under development, like the one in progress at Roma Fiumicino, where in 2022 they carried out the first test of a Volocopter aircraft. Some estimates indicate a market value for Europe exceeding 4 billion Euros by 2030, which reaches 50 billion in the world, whose many attractions include the capability of optimizing traveling times inside metropolitan spaces while decreasing consumption and emissions.