Good news from Volocopter, German company that for a long time now has designed and implemented aircrafts for urban mobility. The news concerns the VoloConnect solution, a new aircraft characterized by vertical take-off and landing system, an eVTOL designed to move comfortably in cities during next years.
It is not the first prototype of this kind that promises changing deeply the mobility of the future, but VoloConnect seems to have a capacity of travelling on longer distances, to operate as an electric taxi beyond the urban ambit, too.
VoloConnect could, in fact, transport up to four passengers, with an autonomy of about 100 kilometres, at a speed of 180 Km/h, with a maximum speed that could reach about 250 Km/h.
After two years of work, today the team of engineers has reached the prototyping of the first model: «We are confident – stated Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter – that this family of aircrafts will pave the way to the international commercial release of electric UAM services».