The sixth edition of the document “Sustainable mobility and electric vehicles” has been released by Repower, Group operating in the energy and sustainable mobility sector. The paper outlines the sector state-of-the-art on a world scale: for the second year, is growing the number of electrified vehicles (BEV, that is to say full electric, and PHEV, plug in hybrid) registered: in 2021, BEV and PHEV rose from 59,900 to 136,854 new registrations, scoring +128.2% versus 2020. BEV (Battery electric vehicle) with 67,542 registered units in 2021, have more than doubled (+107% in 2021, compared to 32,500 units registered in 2020). Concerning PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), with 69,312units registered, they reach the +152.7% growth versus 27,433 units in 2020. Although percentage numbers are encouraging, at absolute level Italy ranks sixth in Europe with 1.14 full electric vehicles every 1000 inhabitants. Different matter for the two-wheeled world: Italy is the first Country by number of bicycles exported to Europe, with the e-bike world that has quintupled sales in the last five years: in 2020 they sold over 280,000 units, sold unit record, amounting to +44% versus 2019, 14% of the total released on the Italian market.
Fabio Bocchiola, AD Repower Italia, declared: «The energy transition is the element that characterizes the sixth edition of the document a theme that is unveiling itself in its complexity and in its large-scale implications, also the least positive ones. The deep inter-dependence among sectors that were very distant until few years ago clearly emerges in this market context, confirming how national and regional energy policies produce effects in very different markets, for instance in the automotive sector, in the technological one and, besides, in the agricultural ambit. Another fundamental item of this work is the analysis of sustainable mobility prospects, of its many declinations and of the technologies that drive it».