Eckart Schneider, Director Business Development of GKN Powder Metallurgy, has communicated on his professional social channels he is designing and building a novel powder-metal based TFM – transversal flux motor – electric motor for the yet lightweight Novus e-motorbike. «Believe it or not, it’s going to push 5 times more torque than my beloved old flat-twin boxer engine or still up to 3 times more than the newest 1250cc 4V boxer engine at only 1/3rd of its weight». GKN, British multinational whose core activity is the implementation of components intended for industries in the automotive and aerospace sectors, has also recently announced its new Advanced Research Centre – created to develop next-generation eDrive systems powering future electrified vehicles and increase engineering capability in the UK to meet Net Zero commitment.
GKN Automotive is partnering with the University of Nottingham and Newcastle University to push the boundaries of eDrive technology and accelerate modular innovation. The world-class collaboration will focus on the development of ultra-high efficiency EDUs for future electric vehicles.