It has been widely debated and it is a very controversial issue, which many Harley Davidson addicted do not like a lot. And if its first electric bike has not aroused a lively success in sales, it seems that the future holds another destiny. LiveWire, the electric “phalanx” of the famous American brand has in fact ambitious plans and states they are going to sell 100,000 units by 2026, which will become 190,000 by 2030.
Recently, HD has presented investors the financial prospect that reports how the market of electric bikes is in its early development phases but the forecasts of the global penetration of electric vehicles will expand from 6% of units in 2021 to 25% within 2030.
It would be a growth of the electric bike market worth $ 2.5 billion sales from about $ 20 billions to $ 28 billions in the same period”.
However, of what motor are we talking about? LiveWire is equipped with H-D Revelation, 105 HP (78 kW) electric permanent magnet motor, water cooled and featuring 116 Nm of instantaneous torque. Performances are equal to 0-100 in 3 seconds, resumption from 100 to 130 in 1.9 seconds and maximum speed of 177 km/h. It is powered by a 15.5 kWh lithium-ion battery encapsulated in a finned aluminium alloy casing to act also as heat dissipator and battery flanked by 12V for starting and remote control.