It is a strong message indeed, which leaves no doubt about the future of electric motors and their hegemony in the automotive field: starting from 2030, the range of Fiat cars will be available in electric version only. This is, in fact, the announcement released by Olivier Francois, CEO of Stellantis Italian brand, on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2021, last June 5th. «Our duty is offering the market, as soon as possible and compatibly with the reduction of batteries’ cost, electric cars that do not cost more than combustion ones. Gradually, from 2025 to 2030, Fiat range will become only electric and this will be a radical change for Fiat».
Only when electric will be accessible for all, it will be possible for Fiat to shift fully to electric, then the symbolic vehicle of this transformation could only be the legendary “500”: «Our icon in the Fifties made mobility accessible to all. Now, in this new scenario, it has the new mission of creating sustainable mobility for all».