For over 20 years, the British company Integral Powertrain has been committed to the development of innovative technologies, including also electric motors for cars, especially on high-performance units, like the ones used in supercars and in hyper cars that compete in Formula E.
Recently, its Integral e-Drive division has presented a new series of very interesting electric motors: CTSM242, anyway intended for all vehicles, even if with characteristics for cars featuring much higher performances. It is a motor range based on a particular architecture, the Core Technology, which strategically combines the design of the electromagnetic part with a thermal management system that cools both the stator and the rotor.
This feature allows achieving a compact but extremely performing motor: with a weight of just 30 kg, it can reach a power peak of 400 kW, corresponding to 544 HP, and a maximum torque of 520 Nm, for a peak power exceeding 12.5 kW/kg, and a maximum rotation speed of 15,000 revolutions and efficiency approaching 97%.
This kind of motor is defined off-the-shelf by English people, that is to say produced upon buyer’s demand, and compatible with a large variety of other components, in the specific case transmissions and inverter.