Stemmed from the previous Aiways U5 model, the new SUV Coupé Aiways U6 implements an electric motor in-house developed, based on MAS – More Adaptable Structure platform. Among the primary features, which confer power to the permanent-magnet bipolar synchronous electric motor, there are 16,000 revolutions per minute and -15% of weight. The new AI-PT (Aiways Powertrain) makes the automotive company one of the few manufacturers that design and implement the powertrain.
What about performances? The improvement of the maximum torque allows the vehicle to pass from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds. Besides, they have developed special filtration strategies to control the harmonics in the electric circuit of the motor, assuring a noteworthy reduction of the perceived noise and notably increasing the travel comfort.
A key element is the optimal temperature management to grant higher efficiency: in the Aiways U6 this aspect is managed by a new heat exchanger that not only cools the motor but optimally exploits its residual heat: the thermal energy released by the motor does not remain unused and is not dispersed into the environment, but it is exploited to heat the passenger compartment or to cool the battery pack.
The car will be equipped with a 63-kWh battery with 24-module pack supplied by CATL and it will be possible to recharge it up to 90 kW by a direct current (DC) fast recharge station or up to 11 kW through AC three-phase wallbox.