TBT provide innovative and completely personalized solutions for electric motors testing dedicated both to new products development and upgrades of existing benches.
The company is able to test from few watts up to MWatt with high-accuracy instrumentations from top brands; TBT test benches are capable to correctly acquire current voltages and power from direct supply or through inverters (specially designed solutions) with outstanding accuracy.
Motors and drives have been developed and optimized by ABB specifically for TBT applications and are perfectly integrated into the various needs by proposing synchronous, asynchronous and high torque (low speed) servomotors.
The high level of optimization achieved, allowed the company to obtain excellent results in terms of dynamic response, such to ensure the quality and accuracy supplied by TBT benches.
Typical application for test benches are: AC Motors test benches (also in accord to High Efficiency rule: CEI EN 60034-2-1); DC Motors test benches; Brushless Motors test benches; Electro pumps test benches; Electro gear reducers test benches; Gearbox test benches; Electrospindles test benches (high speed).